A succesful rehabilitation is only possible if we combine the knowledge of several specialists in their field. Therefor, 4DimensionDressage is part of the Equicare-Plus Partnership.

Equicare-Plus specializes in examining and rehabilitating horses with the following complaints:

  • Neck, back and pelvis problems. Including kissing spines, synovitis c6/c7 and SI joints.
  • Subtile lamenesses or lamenesses for which no clear cause can be found.
  • Vague complaints such as; poor muscle development, “just not fit like the horse used to be”, poor performance, etc.
  • Behavioral problems during training.

The Equicare-Plus team consists of professionals who excel in their field. Because we often consult about our “horse patients” and frequently exchange knowledge with each other, we have accumulated a lot of experience over the years. We are on the same track, complement each other and ensure that we continue to increase our knowledge.

Based on 15 years of experience, we know that combining different techniques of treatment gives the best results.

The rehabilitation starts with a Thermographical and Clinical examination. The treatment and rehabilitation plan is based on these examinations. We combine osteopathy, myo-fascial releasing techniques, acupressure, physiotherapy, craniosacral therapy, sports massage, nutritional advice, phytotherapy, hoof balance corrections, saddle and bridle/ bit advice, dental advice and rehabilitation training.