4DimensionDressage; The key to horsefriendly training AND good performance.


img_32394DimensionDressage as developed a new training system escpecially for the modern sporthorse. Dressage has excisted for centuries and originated from the cavalry. Over the centuries, grandmasters have passed on their knowledge and skills. Their knowledge is invaluable and is largely valid until today.
The modern sports horse has special attention points due to its constitution and the increased (hyper) mobility. His body is narrower, higher and longer. His movements are bigger and more elastic. All qualities that he can put into play for sports, but also make him vulnerable.


Therefore, 4DimensionDressage has developed a training system that allows the modern sport horse to develop into a healthy, strong and mentally fit horse that can perform optimally in sports.

What makes 4DimensionDressage special?

  1. img_3743-kopie4DimensionDressage provides a highly structured training system that is built so logically that the rider fully understands the horse’s body and what it takes to train the horse. As a result, the rider will be able to train the horse on his own at home and he will find a solution for any training problem.
  2. The vulnerabilities of the modern sporting horse are eliminated by paying extra attention to core stability, balance, correct pattern of movement, posture and adjusting the load to the loadability of the horse.
  3. The training method is based entirely on biomechanical, physiological and anatomical principles substantiated by scientific research.
  4. The training method is based on a broad basis. These include scientific knowledge, veterinary knowledge, many different training techniques, behavioral teaching and horsemanship.
  5. After years of experimentation and studying the results, a selection has been made of all techniques that have proven to give the best results in practice.

4DimensionDressage is a combination of the best techniques from many streams and fields, complemented by years of experience and understanding of the modern sports horse. Therefore, 4DimensionDressage has developed a training system that allows the modern sport horse to develop into a healthy, strong and mentally fit horse that can perform optimally in sports.

4DimensionDressage; In four steps to perfect balance.

img_5667The four dimensions bring the horse to its perfect balance point. Why is that so important?
Without balance, the horse must compensate with his muscles. He then uses strength to keep himself stable. In his balance point, he can use his full potential to execute the exercises. There is no energy lost to compensation.
Compensations will eventually lead to overload. This is not at first to be observed. Over time, injuries occur. Usually at the neck, back and pelvic area. Later overload in the legs will cause lamenesses. Most lamenesses and top line injuries are training-related! Due to its constitution and flexibility, the modern sport horse is more susceptible to injury!


Being healthy and free of injuries is a prerequisite for being able to perform in (top)sports!

The 4 Dimensions:

The name 4DimensionDressage is no coincidence. The training method is based on four dimensions in which the horse must be able to coordinate itself and in which the rider can guid the horse.

  • The vertical plane
  • The horizontal plane
  • The Lateroflexion
  • The direction in the diagonal plane


When the horse can coordinate himself in these 4 directions, he can perfectly balance himself at all times. This applies to the straight lines and the circles, but also to all exercises.
All exercises are ultimately built from the four dimensions. This is true for the simplest exercises up to the lateral movements, passage and piaffe.
Without exception, training technical problems arise from an error in one of the four dimensions. So there we can also find the solution. However, it is important to find out if there is no physical disorder or discomfort underlying the training technical problem.
In order to detect the cause of training problems, we teach our students the LCR(S)
This is a diagnostic system that you can use to find out in which dimension things go wrong. The LCR (S) stands for:


As soon as you know in which dimension your horse goes out of balance, then you also know how to solve your problem. This allows you to perfect everything to the smallest details. This results in good sports performance. Your horse is fit, feeling well and confident. Then he will shine in the arena!

A horse seems so big and strong, but they are so vulnerable. Many young horses who have ever been injured will not get to their old level or stay below their potential. That’s a shame! Prevention is the key !! And training is the most important part of it!


This is what Tessa Roos van ‘rijkunst in beweging’ says about 4DimensionDressage:

I have a lot of respect for the way Karin decodes the biomechanics of balance and selfcarriage and brings it to the rider in feasible steps. She uses clearly formulated conditions that the horse must meet in order to balance a rider. She helps you feel how to meet those conditions, and then offers you step-by-step solutions to improve the horse. And the result feels great!

This is what DimensionDressage means for Dagmar Bijl-Gerritsen:

Before I started training with Karin, I was afraid, insecure and I had no more fun. What’s the pleasure of riding your horse and pull his head and neck into a certain position? “I thought”. Karin teaches me to really know my horse (mentally and physically). She teaches me how to balance him horizontally and vertically with relaxation and confidende. To see and feel how much training load his body can handle. Karin has a lot of respect for the horse. Something that of course is very important to me. It’s great to feel how my horse is developing more and more selfcarriage and starts to carry more weight on his hind legs without forcing him. Besides, Karin has a lot of patience. That’s important to me, because I need some time to really understand everything. By doing so, I can train my horse on my own and try out new things, because I understand the priniciples. I never want to train in any other way!