Intensive Training Weeks

Especially for veterinarians, bodyworkers, trainers, instructors and owners all over the world we developed the Intensive Training Weeks.

From all over the world we recieve requests for clinics or trainingsessions. At this moment we can only find time to do a few clinics in foreign countries a year. To give really motivated people a chance to delve into the training techniques of 4DimensionDressage, we decided to start these intensive training weeks.

It is our goal to help as many horses and owners as we can and to help professionals to increase their knowledge, insights and skills. Every single person who knows more about compassionate and sustainable training of horses can make a difference. This is why want to share as much information as possible.

In the Netherlands we started a three year education; Rehabilitation Trainer.

The first year is all about the basic principles of how to balance a horse, how to diagnose the imbalance and how to recognize topline problems and lamenesses in horses. The second year, students have to rehabilitate a horse with mild physical and or mental problems. The third year consists of 2 main parts; 1) Refining the techniques to balance a horse. 2) To prepare a horse for performance or to make a comeback into sports.

It is our wish to train trainers who want to make a difference for the welfare of horses. We are working on starting the three year Rehabilitation Trainer education in several countries. Trainers who followed our courses in the Netherlands will be given the opporunity to start this education, supported by our team. This way we will start the education most likely in Belgium autumn 2018.

The Intensive Training Weeks are located in Abcoude and hosted by Equi-Smart. Equi-Smart focusses on sustainable, breeding, housing, feeding and training of sporthorses.

What to expect?

6 days of intensive training:

  • Theory about biomechanics, balance, posture and trainingtechniques
  • Theory about the 4DimensionDressage system
  • Theory about toplinesyndrom, (prevention of) lamenesses, hoof-and leg balance
  • Theory about bridle, bit and saddle
  • Practical training (once or twice a day) under saddle, working in hand and longe.
  • Practical training riders seat, posture and balance
  • Practical training; training the eye for signals of topline syndrom and discomfort
  • Practical training; hoofbalance
  • The book; Compassionate Training for Today’s Sporthorse; 4DimensionDressage-The Key to Achieving Pure Performance. Translation in English will be ready in summer 2018. We will sent to books to participants of the course in spring.
  • Including lunch, snacks and drinks
  • Dinner three times
  • Film recordings of entire training per person

It is possible to train with the horses from Equi Smart. These horses are well trained and trained according to the principles of 4DimensionDressage. It is also possible to bring your own horse.

If desired we can arrange overnight stays.


  • DVM Karin Leibbrandt; Veterinarian specialised in rehabilitation and sports. Senior trainer.
  • Tessa Roos; Riders seat and posture specialist and MBS Feldenkrais practitioner.
  • Hans Arendse; Specialist thermographic diagnostics and hoof-leg balance.
  • Maxime Bakker; Masterclass rehabilitation trainer level 3.
  • Bianca van der Kort; Masterclass rehabilitation trainer level 2.


  • April 28 – May 3
  • June 18-23
  • July 17-22
  • July 31-August 5


€ 2.350 – ex VAT (We charge 150 euro less if you bring your own horse)

More Information and Registration:

For more information, please contact Esther Berger, Equi-Smart.